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Philip is gazing adoringly at his sweet self in the full-length mirror. Wait till you find out that bundle of cuteness is you, little one!

Currently both my kidlets have cotton balls stuck in their ears to keep the garlic oil in. Poor things. They're both so good about it, though. I still can't figure out how Topaz isn't in any pain if the infection is as bad as the doctor says. Makes no sense.

The dollhouse is here, the hanna order is here, and the only other gifts I've got for the kids are a bunch of playsilks through lj_coop that I'm counting on being here by Christmas. It seems weird not to have tons and tons of presents for them, but that dollhouse was over $200. I'm kind of choking on that seeing it--I mean, yes, gorgeous, but already I'm picturing it covered in drawings and dinged up and otherwise abused by kids who don't necessarily understand that HEY $200! Also, I have no dolls or furniture for it, so I'll be brainstorming for stuff to go in it for now. Topie won't know the difference because she's so inventive anyway. I could give her pine cones and she'd call them people. Am I seriously considering carving some wood furniture?? So am.

Um...AC Moore has carving tools for so cheap. And it looks like our public library has tons of books on woodcarving. I have only ever whittled simple things when I was a kid, but I always wanted to learn more and make useful unique things. Fun!!

Seriously, if I'm ever tempted to think of my children as limiting, I should think of all the cool things I've read and learned and tried on their behalf.

Today is the day we are GOING to get a decent picture of the kids for Christmas cards. It's been gray and overcast here for quite a while, and the only sun we've had has been at the times when I couldn't possibly get them outside or ready. Today it's nice out, sunny and not freezing. I am determined. I wanted to have this done a long time ago.


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