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So I'm back to thinking we need more structure, and since I am spread too thin mentally, I simply cannot get my brain to cooperate even when I physically have the time. I've already done tons of reading and research in the last few years, but have come to no conclusions about anything, nor have I gained any real experience with any of it. After all this time it's still hugely theoretical.

Any of you who have done a curriculum for real, tried it out, liked it or didn't, would you give me your story? I'm at the point I just want someone to spell it all out for me, a nice neat package in the mail that says, today you will do this. Tomorrow you will do that, and won't that nice little project tie in nicely. Day after you'll continue this theme, with this project, and how about you do this too?

That's what I want. No more thinking and trying to put it all together, when my brain is begging for mercy. Help?
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Jake and I talked it over a bit, and we both admitted to feeling like all this solstice stuff is just not for us. What, another excuse to buy stuff? Celebrating what, exactly. I know, I know, I guess it's just that the idea is so foreign to both of us, it's hard to get worked up about it. I think I only thought of it at all because of Waldorf influence and reading about other people's plans. But in the end, we just don't really care. Maybe if we read more and knew more people in real life who made any occasion of it, then it would make more sense.

However, Father's Day I can get behind. Jake got his mixer (we got the Pro one, not the Artisan!) and have already made meatloaf, bread, clafoutis, and about to do cookies. So far so good. I'm still not wildly into the idea of it, but Jake seemed enthusiastic about it, and that spinning wheel put some pressure on me to do something big, so if he uses it, it's worth the crazy money. I did, at least use a 20% coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I think I'm still not sure what we care about and what it means in terms of celebration and occasions. Even for Father's Day, which I wholeheartedly support, I didn't do anything other than buy something. Also, made Jake's favorite dinner, and about to do a special batch of cookies for him. Cleaned out his car. Folded his clothes. Stuff. No card or speeches. I guess neither of our families made a big fuss out of any holiday or special occasion, so we feel a bit forced doing it ourselves.

I think what I'd really rather focus on is making every day a special day, and gifting people with appreciation all year long. This is not to say I don't wildly enjoy getting presents and giving them (if I have a clue what to give), but maybe we're just not cut out for all the waldorf traditions and festivals. I don't know, does that mean I have to start from scratch?


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