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I'm determined to make this work, whatever this is. I'm encouraged by our upcoming move to a downtown hotel, one mile from Jake's office. We weren't able to get the one with a full kitchen, but it's time to start working with what I have and not obsessing over what I don't have. I have felt so very far removed from my former life, where everything was set up, and I had meal plans sometimes, and a fully stocked kitchen and a household routine and all that stuff. I am in need of some help to regain some of that, simply by getting some reminders from you guys what things are normal, so I can start doing SOMETHING good again.

I have for a hotel kitchen:

sink/fridge/stovetop (2 burners I think)/maybe toaster/pots and pans

I also have:


rice cooker/steamer

le creuset dutch oven

basic odds and ends, mixing bowls, etc.

COULD buy a toaster oven for things like cookies, pizzas, quiche, etc.

My question for you is what should I be making? I can't even remember what I used to make. It's like I have amnesia.

Please list out some things you would make with this equipment. As many recipes/ideas as you can come up with. To narrow it down, no seafood, pork, lamb, spicy, soy in any form.

Next questions:

What can I do to keep things busy in a hotel room, without the TV, non-messy craft projects or something? We're going to get some new books, but can you think of any toys or games that would hold the interest of a 2 and 4 year old? I don't want something with a million little pieces that will get lost. Philip is not so great with art stuff, as he just wants to draw on everything but the paper, paint on himself, and make huge painful messes. Ideas?

We're inside an awful lot because it's so hot, so we need something to do.

Anything else you've been wondering about, now is the time to say it--

What? I can't believe she hasn't done ___________ by now. Etc.
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