Apr. 15th, 2010

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I think we're not going to Seattle this weekend. Jake thinks it makes more sense to go in a couple weeks when the contract is over so he will be a free man (momentarily) and we can spend more time there. Works for me, though I am disappointed.

I woke up this morning realizing I had not bothered to pay this month's bills. On the 15th. Oops. We paid the rent and mortgage and the stuff due right at the beginning of the month, but I completely forgot to do the rest. Jumped out of bed at 5 something and did what I could, between websites timing out and forgetting passwords to all these new bills accounts. So I have a list of checks to write and places to go and bullshit to deal with. Also a bunch of stuff that has to get mailed today, and still having the hardest time finding packaging for most of it. So help me, if I ever think of doing an etsy store in the future, I am only selling teensy things that are easy to fit in small easy-to-find-anywhere packaging.

So I'm up with this stupid drippy nose, sneezing every few minutes. I get this every year, apparently no matter where I am. It generally lasts until winter, when I get colds instead. Yippee.

So it's free Starbucks day. I'm down with that. I wonder how many times you can do it. Perhaps one trip to every starbucks in town. That is a truly scary thought. I have never seen so many starbucks in my entire life. Even out here in the burbs they are EVERYWHERE. I mean, I see them catty corner from each other, multiple ones per parking lot. Crazy! And that's not even mentioning all the other millions of coffee shops here. These people are fucking into their coffee up here. There are so many independent coffee houses here, little micro drive thru coffee places, tons of roasters, just tons of fucking coffee. There are quite a number in Vermont, too, but not like this. And people seem insane about it. Like, they have strong preferences for which place they identify with the most and a lot of people really seem to be into the connoisseur thing. Or else they're just wanting you to think so and wouldn't know it if you switched their cup with starbucks coffee. Anyway, it's cool, though, because I do love trying out new places and comparing. I can't say I have a favorite yet, really. Certainly nothing has hit me like Gimme in Ithaca. Now that was the best latte of my life, even though it's not organic. I get organic lattes at Insomnia here, and they're really nice, but not like Gimme somehow. Anyway, so there are these cultish followings of each roaster, each coffee house. The baristas are often serious career coffee slingers. I think it's pretty awesome, actually, that people take anything seriously, particularly when it comes down to just pure enjoyment of a thing. I am determined to continue my quest for my coffee cult, so I may find my soulmates and caffeinate with my brethren.


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