Jun. 7th, 2010

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I think I need to be done with facebook. Or maybe the internet.

I find myself infuriated every time I go on facebook lately, with the occurrence of people posting political articles and expressing a few words of outrage about it. I never see anyone say WHY they are upset about it, it's like they expect that everyone shares their perspective/opinion/whatever and it should be obvious to everyone else why it's so damned awful. Well, let me tell you, it's not obvious, I want your thought process and an explanation of WHY you are upset about this thing. I find that when I ask, I am treated with sarcasm or condescension, or people think I'm kidding or trying to stir up trouble. There is so much shit going around these days, Arizona, Israel, BP, c-sections, all kinds of birth and parenting stuff, etc. And some of it I get, and some of it I don't. I swear I feel like if I question anyone on their position--just so I can understand it, not because I necessarily know anything about the topic or have my own opinion on it--I am off their friends list if not in practice in feeling.

I know I have a lot of non-mainstream opinions on things. Jake and I have fantastic long discussions about so many topics and I feel like I have benefitted tremendously from his perspective on the greater picture that so many people totally don't see. I feel like so many people are far too influenced by the media and told how to feel so that thinking doesn't even really come into it. When did everyone forget to ask difficult questions? To challenge what they're told? Every one of my friends is someone I generally respect for their minds, among other things, but lately I have been so disappointed. It's not that I have all the answers, or even all the right questions. There is SO much I know nothing about. But from my perspective, when a topic is introduced to me via some offhanded comment attached to an overly dramatic "news" link, I feel like I am missing something. It seems like the world has become a swirl of buzz words and affiliations and political correctness and not questioning something if it stirs up the right emotions.

I'm getting bitter and cynical about so much. I am constantly upset--now that I have access to TV in the hotel I have seen so many examples of this--with how there is no honest or deep discussion about anything important. Some huge topics that are so important to our lives, if not immediately than certainly in the big picture, are skimmed over and people pick their sides based on...I have no idea what...and then it's over. I don't like what I see on facebook. I don't like the lack of discussion. I don't like the way any suggestion of another possibility is viewed as hostile or ignorant or just generally evil. I tend to play devil's advocate a lot because I really want to understand why people hold the positions they do. I find that truly understanding an issue requires a lot more than reading links from who knows where, but I do think real discussion is part of it. People get really aggressive when "defending" their stance on a subject, while still never actually making a case. It's not that I'm looking for an argument, just understanding. I guess that's out of fashion. But it bothers me. I feel like I want to crawl under a rock.

Then there are the people who think they're giving me what I want, via extremely condescending lectures, supposedly spelling out what I should already be able to see for myself. Trouble is, I have already given a lot of these topics hours of really serious thought, had really serious discussions with Jake, and am not coming into it totally ignorant. It's just that I'm not as quick as others to call myself an expert on something. Admitting you don't have it all figured out is just not the thing to do, I guess. I can look at all the links everyone else looks at, read the same stuff, listen to the same people talk about it, and not be half so hasty to make a formal decision on what I think is "right" or "wrong" the way others around me do. It's so so easy to put things in a black and white format, to pick a good guy and a bad guy, but if you can't honestly see exceptions on both sides...are you really looking or seeing?

Enough of this. Even writing this is probably setting myself up for a bunch of attacks. Whatever.


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