Jul. 6th, 2010

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I've told Jake the new baby will be requiring a new baby carrier. Somehow this is exciting to me? I think I've been influenced by aforementioned lj I've been reading lately, and will be requiring a Didymos Indio wrap. Because they're gorgeous and look so much nicer than the Moby.
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So we went out and got some Floradix. After cursing German engineering for the first time in my life over the stupid cap cover thing which led me to splatter it all over us, I took my first swig. Metallic taste in my mouth, but hoping for the best. Also finally remembered to take vitamin d drops. In the car, I flipped through a couple of my herbal books and realized that wild yam is something that is highly recommended for morning sickness, and for some reason I even had a bottle of tincture right there in my herb bag. Weird, I have no idea what I bought that for. So I'll try that too. I am determined to get better. I'm just surprised it took me this long to figure it out that this isn't right that I feel this bad.

Topaz and Jake are working on a princess book of addition and subtraction. She loves this stuff. I always loved workbooks when I was a kid. Probably I would love to do them now, if I bought one that wasn't for like, preschoolers. I could probably do a third grade one. At least.

Now Jake wants to watch something stupid on netflix. Time to go.


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