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Overall Rating: 5
Most wonderful range in history of world, September 3, 2006
By Jeff21400 from Provincetown, MA
Quality: 5
Features: 5
Performance: 5
Appearance: 5
Durability: 5

"This Galaxy range is the most stylish, best performing range I've ever experienced in my 60 year career dealing with gas and/or electric ranges. Not only does it have FOUR burners, it comes in WHITE!!! No other color is needed, because Galaxy (a brand I've had nothing but excellence with over the two years I've known the brand to exist) is only available in white! The gas burner grates are dishwasher safe, but since Galaxy does not make a dishwasher and I am extremely brand loyal, I have a large gap in my kitchen where I am waiting for this top notch manufacturer to create a dishwasher for my lavish lifestyle. I find entertaining large groups of people to be a breeze with my Galaxy range, whereas I can cook up to FOUR pots of green beans in one shot for my large parties!!! And when it comes to warming a meal for a guest, I can't on this range!! So I don't! If Galaxy doesn't have an option, I pretend the option doesn't exist in the real world! Self-cleaning? Who needs it?! Window on door? What's the point?! Electronic pilot? I'd rather match start it every time there's even the slightest breeze in my kitchen. Be a space travel and go back in time 50yrs to before modern conveniences existed in a range, and you'll love the new Galaxy you've entered!"


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