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So yes, this whole hair cutting frenzy was triggered by my spiteful threat to Jake. BUT. While he was in the bathroom preparing to shave, I was searching for my scissors which took me a few minutes, and getting more and more frenzied by the second. By the time I found them I was all worked up and panicked that I might actually go through with it.

But then I had this moment of clarity, a Fight Club you-are-not-your-hair moment. And I cut off the ponytail and that was it. Until then, I had never so much as trimmed my own hair. I always wondered at people who cut their own hair, which included every other member of my family, because really, not a whole lot makes me feel better about myself than a really great haircut. But since I moved here, I haven't really been able to find that anyway.

I was really kind of shaking after that, but tried to knit to chill out for a minute, then finally went to look at myself. I thought I looked like a teenage boy pothead skateboarder or something, so I decided to cut more. Also, the idea was to cut till Jake hated it, since that was originally the point. So without a plan or a thought, I started randomly chopping. FInally realized maybe I should give it a rest till I was feeling more rational, as every cut was making it less likely I could get someone to salvage it.

And this morning, after washing and sleeping on it, it looks exactly like the most horrific haircut my mom subjected me to when I was in 6th grade. She'll be happy about it, anyway. Jake of course says I subconsciously wanted my hair like that, which is blatantly incorrect. I'll try to find a picture of that haircut. HATE.

Whatever, it's honestly just hair and it will grow and even if it doesn't it's still just hair. Now if I could find a way to nontoxically dye it blue I'd be in business.
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And really, I've paid a lot of money for far worse haircuts.


Honestly, since I've stopped using decent shampoo, my hair has been kind of crap and I've started to hate it. Just as well. My hair was always the one thing I liked about myself until this year.


And Jake, before (and better):

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I haven't looked in the mirror yet. For a month or so Jake has been threatening to shave his beard. So I told him that if he did, I was cutting my hair short. He likes my long hair, and so did I. OH WELL. He just came out of the bathroom with no beard so I grabbed my sewing shears, cut my whole ponytail off and handed it to him.

Maybe I should go look in the mirror now.


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