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2010-10-18 10:09 am
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Meal planning for the week

We have a fair amount of food on hand, since I was sort of halted with no oven. First, a list of what I already have here.

-2 pie pumpkins
-3 acorn squash
-assortment of dried beans
-baking stuff: baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla, flour, sugar etc.
-1 lb ground beef
-1 lb stew beef
-1 lb fajita meat
-strawberry jam
-2 leeks
-red lentils
-french lentils
-cheddar cheese
-2 chocolate bars
-mixed roasted nuts
-frozen peas
-frozen spinach (I think?)
-olive oil
-balsamic vinegar
-half dozen homemade bean burritos in freezer
-leftover cream of celery soup

My plan for a lot of that is done:

-pumpkin coconut soup MMMM
-Moroccan red lentil soup
-stuffed acorn squash (with quinoa)
-oatmeal raisin cookies
-pumpkin bread YUM, need to make applesauce
-banana bread
-pumpkin cookies
-eggs and toast
-pan fried chicken strips and garlic rosemary potatoes with creamed spinach


-bread (from that awesome bakery)
-some kind of oil? or just use cocounut?
-parmesan cheese
-more spinach
-fruits and vegetables for snacking on
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2009-03-06 12:37 am
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An attempt at this thing called "meal planning"


breakfast: oatmeal with maple syrup (all out of cream, ack!)
lunch: quesadillas with Dubliner cheese and sauteed onions?
snack: apple/pear
dinner: the beef and veggie stew I tried to make in the crockpot today that wasn't ready in time for dinner. oops.


breakfast: scrambled eggs and toast
lunch: leftover stew
snack: yogurt with maple syrup and granola, fruit
dinner: salad with shallot vinaigrette and quinoa with garlic and carrots, root vegetables
for tomorrow: set out chickpeas to soak

Sunday (Philip's birthday!)

breakfast: french toast
lunch: braised leeks with warm vinaigrette, carrots cooked in butter, roast chicken?
snack: fruit, veggies with hummus
dinner: salad, leftover stew with barley thrown in; banana cake!
for tomorrow: set out ground beef to thaw


breakfast: cereal and fruit
lunch: pasta with olive oil and garlic and whatever veggies look good
snack: fruit or yogurt
dinner: meatloaf and mashed potatoes, steamed spinach


breakfast: pancakes
lunch: leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes, steamed frozen peas and carrots
snack: fruit
dinner: brown rice and french lentils, salad


breakfast: yogurt with maple syrup and granola or fruit
lunch: leftover lentils and rice
snack: cheese and bread
dinner: salad, quiche with leeks and spinach
for tomorrow: set out white beans to soak


breakfast: eggs and toast
lunch: quinoa with carrots/garlic/onions/spinach
snack: yogurt with maple syrup and granola
dinner: white bean soup with garlic and kale

We shall see.