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So we were originally going to get the kids a little wood barn and start them off with a few Ostheimer animals. But now Jake seems not as enthusiastic about it, so I'm trying to regroup. I thought I had done all the thinking for this, now have to start all over.

I want to get them each an easel from IKEA because they're so simple and cheap. But I'm also torn about the tabletop easels here. More expensive, but more portable and maybe more practical? I haven't decided. Pros and cons to each. Thoughts?

I want to get Jake a little toy toolbench, but Jake thinks he's too young. I don't know, I spend half my day watching Philip take things apart and put them back together.
JAKE!!! look at this one.

I really want to get them both some dress up clothes. But high quality ones made of nice materials. Where should I be looking? Tell me where you get your favorite dress up clothes!

Also, I'm totally counting on you guys to share coupon codes as you get them, and I'll be posting all the ones I get.

I would love to get them a big building set, like the Haba Little Amsterdam city blocks--

And just in case, the barns we were thinking of...[]=tags&includes[]=title

Maybe Topie will wear tights if they're these?

For Philip, a little backpack like the one we got Topie for her birthday--they have boy colors too.


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