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Finally went out to the garden. A bit wild and overgrown with weeds, but FOOD! Everywhere, food! Watermelons, a pumpkin, GReEN BEANS EVERYWHERE! Tomatoes with no blight! Zucchini the size of my arm, wildly expensive organic cucumbers that Topie is eating right off the vine! Okra! OMG, THE WORK PAID OFF! I am so very happy. Now I'm planning for next year, thinking of doing way more beans, tons of peas, more everything! Garlic and onions and leeks and way more okra, and just everything. I have never felt more productive. Well, maybe when I was pregnant.

But yay! More food than we can eat, so much more still out there, so much food!

We talked last night about our dream land and house, and now it seems even more exciting to think of having more land. I wish Jake would figure out his career so we could decide where to be. I so much want to be in the Finger Lakes region, but there's no jobs, as we've all discussed repeatedly. My fantasy of becoming a beekeeper or just some other non-office-career is so thrilling and engrossing, but I know it would be so much work and much less money. Still, fun to daydream. I hope we figure this out soon! We had so many messages from the realtor--I thought Jake talked to her, so I didn't call her. There are five people who want to see the house. I don't know what to think on that front, but whatever.

So glad to be home. Had a playdate, library, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, all the normal stuff, but now I feel so good about it, after being away from home so long. Never have I loved my own space more.

OH! And my credit score is 709! I scored Prime! I am no longer doomed! It took so long to pay stuff off, and to wait things out, and build better credit. Suggestions on the report were to open more accounts and pay them off, get more credit. Which is what I've heard recommended everywhere. Maybe a store card? Where do I even shop enough to justify a card? Maybe Amazon? Suggestions? Best cards out there in general?

Also, Philip has been teething, hanging on me every second, threatening to wean or at least night wean, and going into the terrible twos tantrum mode way early. I mean, throwing himself on the floor, banging his head, kicking, rolling, punching the air, banging the floor, wailing, and tossing himself around. Crazy little boy. Such a temper and sense of injustice he has. Lord hep me.


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