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For future reference, this is the couch Jake and I liked so much at C&B. One of these days..
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Note to self: Get this for the kids soon! I've been wishing we had a big set of blocks and I should have thought of this for Christmas. Oh well, can't afford it now. Soon! I love building with blocks.
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I so want this for Topaz. I could do it for Christmas, but I need to get serious about saving.

Dollhouse, dress up clothes rack...then I'll need to make some dolls and accessories for the dollhouse, a waldorf baby doll for Philip, ballet slippers for Topaz, art supplies...the list goes on. It's easy to SAY I want to go minimalist for Christmas, but when I think about how each of these things will add to our "home school" environment, I want it all. I want to start moving things around for maximum enjoyment in our house. The green room upstairs is absurdly under-utilized, and it will be a wonderful play/school room if I put a little thought into it. If we can finally decide to get rid of the computer in will no longer be a computer room, and we can just have laptops any old place. Having a guest room is fine, but we almost never have guests, so it's not worth having too much space designated.

this would also be very nice in the green room. Books are such a disaster in our house. No place to put them all.

And this toy fridge would be a solution to the play food mess.

Must find art supply cabinet. No luck so far.

Oh, no--more dollhouses:

Maybe we should just have a village of dollhouses--a whole room for it. Too many choices!

And of course, still love these:

Just about anything from here:
and here:


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