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From yahoo horoscopes, here's the Capricorn prediction for 2011:

Capricorn Outlook for 2011

'Change' is your middle name at this point, Capricorn. You've been through more personal transformation in the past two years than perhaps in your entire life. The upside is that you're getting used to the intensity of it all. It helps that you're realizing the futility in holding on to people and possessions that only stunt your growth. So many layers continue to be shed on a daily basis but this also gives way to unquestionable personal power. Pluto in Capricorn will carry on for another 14 years; so if this is just the tip of the iceberg, imagine who you will be on the other side of your metamorphosis.

This year the focus shifts from a lifestyle focused on gadgets, information and social networking to introspection, home and family. You are about to encounter your most uncensored raw self on levels as of yet unprecedented. Ready yourself, Goat, because this spring an explosion of fiery planets in Aries sweeps the very base of your horoscope getting you back in touch with some of your most primal instincts. Competition, aggression and the need for plenty of physical outlets ensue.

Some long-standing money issues are finally coming to a finish as the planet of illusion and delusion gets ready to move on to your communication sector. You've learned to use your discrimination in choosing where to invest and where to spend. For the next 14 years, instead of worrying about money leakages you'll be working on mindfulness to avoid spacing out. In any case, your way with words is apt to become poetic and inspired, which can only make the world appear infinitely more beautiful.


God, I hope this is true.
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We're talking about grammar and how it is taught and learned. Do any of you know what is the most commonly accepted approach (looking for a book) to teaching grammar? What do schools use?

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butter 8+2T stick
half & half 1 c
heavy cream 1.75 c + for whipped cream for pies!
milk for mashed potatoes
buttermilk 2 c
eggs 8

baguettes 2

turkey wings 4 lbs

oil 2T
brown sugar 1 1/2 c
sugar 1 1/3 c
pecans 1.5 c
maple syrup 2/3 c
bread flour 5 c + for gravy
small mason jars x 12-24
salt 2T
french fried onions

cranberries 4 c
onions 3 med
celery 8 stalks
herbs--lots fresh parsley, sage, thyme
carrot 2
bay leaf 1
pumpkin puree 2
fresh green beans 1 lb
mushrooms 12 oz
garlic 2 cloves
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Topie just learned how to tie a bow!
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I have said a few times that I am looking forward to us all getting out and snowshoeing this winter, even with newbaby strapped to me. Jake apparently has a problem with this, as he thinks it is too dangerous for me to be walking around in showshoes with a baby on me. What if I fell? So he says no. I say YES YES YES when have I ever fallen? He says if I had been snowshoeing my whole life and was totally comfortable doing it then that would be one thing. But that's not the case, so he says no.

What do you guys think??
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Yep, he just buttoned his first button!
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Just lost another post. I am so sick of this hotel's internet connection. It seems to have it out for livejournal in particular.
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When I was younger I said and wrote things hoping people would agree with me and think I was very clever. Now I say and write things hoping people will poke holes in my logic so I can think and develop a more complete and honest stance. In between those two was a time of transition when it was painful to be disagreed with. This shows me that I was much more concerned with identity and ego than with truth and balance. Maybe this has changed. Does this reflect personal growth???

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We have a fair amount of food on hand, since I was sort of halted with no oven. First, a list of what I already have here.

-2 pie pumpkins
-3 acorn squash
-assortment of dried beans
-baking stuff: baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla, flour, sugar etc.
-1 lb ground beef
-1 lb stew beef
-1 lb fajita meat
-strawberry jam
-2 leeks
-red lentils
-french lentils
-cheddar cheese
-2 chocolate bars
-mixed roasted nuts
-frozen peas
-frozen spinach (I think?)
-olive oil
-balsamic vinegar
-half dozen homemade bean burritos in freezer
-leftover cream of celery soup

My plan for a lot of that is done:

-pumpkin coconut soup MMMM
-Moroccan red lentil soup
-stuffed acorn squash (with quinoa)
-oatmeal raisin cookies
-pumpkin bread YUM, need to make applesauce
-banana bread
-pumpkin cookies
-eggs and toast
-pan fried chicken strips and garlic rosemary potatoes with creamed spinach


-bread (from that awesome bakery)
-some kind of oil? or just use cocounut?
-parmesan cheese
-more spinach
-fruits and vegetables for snacking on
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Someone please please please suggest a carseat that 1) Philip cannot escape from; and 2) Philip is not too tall for. No, I don't know his height and weight offhand, but he is almost at the top of his Britax Decathlon already. Which shocks the hell out of me because Topaz JUST got to that point on hers a few months ago. No booster seats, he's only 2.3 years old. WHAT DO I DO????? I so did not think I would have to deal with this. Also, if I could be super picky, I would like way more room around the crotch buckle because if I tighten the straps enough to actually hold Philip in the seat, it crushes him there. He's maxed out on how far we can adjust it. I don't know what to do, and I really don't want to spend a ton of time researching from this point of having no clue. Suggest something?!
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Oh, and a quick question. Yesterday it occurred to me that if you have no carpet and no lead paint dust to worry about, why would you choose to buy a vacuum cleaner over a broom/dustpan/mop?

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Jake will be happy to know that I just made myself a large salad with cherry tomatoes and avocado with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Finally some real food. I wish I could get the kids to eat it.

I want to write a real post but don't really feel like going upstairs to get the laptop. Later then.

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Maybe this one for big girl and baby girl. I like the versatility and seamlessness of it. Topie likes it. The yarn I have for it is this: in the light pink. Very sweet, I think.
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Livejournal really is dead. I fucking hate that.
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So last week I was taking a shower. I was washing my hair and just generally trying to relax. Then I reached down for my little bath puff thing, and out of it flew this little spider. I was like, I WAS IN THE SHOWER WITH A SPIDER WITH MY EYES CLOSED AAAAAAAGGGHHH.

So what do I do. Normally in these situations, I scream for Jake, and he comes with a cup and rescues the eight-legged monster, and all is well, and I relax. With no Jake to call on, I had to take matters into my own hands. Around here we have a pretty strict remove-don't-kill policy. But with no Jake, that spider was marked for death. I grabbed the shower head with the super convenient hose, and hosed that thing right down the drain. I watched for a couple of minutes as water streamed down, and began to feel safe again. Guilty, but safe. Alas, a couple of minutes later, I saw tiny legs curl up from the underside of the drain cover, hanging on for dear life. More guilt, but also more panic! I got serious and turned on the power jets on the shower head, and targeted the drain. Those fucking legs HUNG ON. Finally I rinsed the conditioned out of my hair, and a nice foamy sea of that finally forced the spider to succumb. I finished my shower quickly, with my eyes fixed on the drain of doom.

The rest of the night I felt uneasy. As though word of the little spider's death was spreading through the arachnid world, and all that spider's tens of millions of cousins were headed my way to avenge the death of him/her. I debated with myself over which would be worse: attacked by just one gigantic cousin spider, or attacked by ten million little cousin spiders. With these thoughts in my head I fell asleep.

It usually takes about a year for me to forget a place where I've seen a spider. So for a while, I will think of the upstairs shower as the Spider Shower, and my eyes will fall suspiciously on the drain every time I go near it. I have a dread that one day the spider will return in zombie form and seek its revenge.

I want to move.
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So last year I went to a store closing sale and got a bunch of girls' Stride Rite shoes. Unfortunately, I didn't confirm the shoes were the size listed on one of the boxes, so I picked up a pair of shoes I didn't need without realizing till later. That one is the Caroline style in size 9.5M. (Here's what they look like:

Another one was the right size, only we forgot to take it with us on our trip, so she outgrew it by the time we got back. Oops. That one is the Kendall style, size 11.5W. (These look like this

I got both of them brand new for 40% off of full price, so I was thinking $25 each.

They're really cute, and maybe I should save them for Kid C, but I hate that they're just sitting there right now. Anyone have kid feet in the right sizes for them??


Aug. 3rd, 2010 07:31 pm
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“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path.” ~Paulo Coelho


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