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Wake up early, before the kids. Maybe a half hour.
Read something to set the stage for the day.
Read email/facebook.
Start breakfast.
Shower, dress.

Get kids up.
Kids dressed.
Have breakfast.
Outside time. Jake take kids out for half our? Or we all go for short "walk" together?
Jake goes to work.
Set up activity. Or run errands. (If errands, plan lunch in advance, take water and snacks.)
Work on chores or reading or knitting during their playtime.
(Monday laundry
Tuesday bathrooms
Wednesday playroom and computer room vacuum/dust
Thursday vacuum upstairs
Friday scrub kitchen floor)
Clean up kitchen and prepare for lunch.

Read them a book, discuss it.

Make lunch.
Jake comes down.
Wash hands.
Eat lunch.
Jake takes kids outside?
Jake goes back upstairs.
Clean up from lunch, get kitchen prepped for dinner.
Quiet time/naptime. Movie allowed if Topie is lying down.
Topie activity.

Philip wakes up.

Make dinner.
Jake comes down.
Jake helps kids take any toys or books to playroom.
Wash hands.
Eat dinner.

Kids upstairs.
Bath time.
Pajamas, diaper.
Run around in bedroom.
Read stories.
Asleep by 8:00 latest.

After bedtime:
Clean up kitchen and dinner table.
Tidy up all rooms.
Choose and lay out clothes for everyone for the next day.
Decide on breakfast, do any prep work for it.
Activities planned for tomorrow? Set up for it.
Any playdates tomorrow?
Any appointments tomorrow?
Any errands tomorrow?
Stretch, wash face, tidy up bathroom.

General household rules:

Jake does not come down unannounced. Call first, at least. Try to stick to meal times.

Kids must go outside at least half hour a day.

I must be allowed to take a shower every day.

We should discuss our plans for the next day, the night before, IF they will change the daily rhythm.

I stay off the computer except at designated times or if I really need to look something up.

I take a daily walk.

I designate a full half hour to devote EXCLUSIVELY to playing with the kids. Real interaction, fully present.

No yelling for people from other rooms. Go get the person!

No fighting in front of the kids.

Respect for everyone and their work.

Jake takes the trash/recycling to the dump every Saturday.

LISTEN to each other.

Do NOT expect anyone to read your mind. Be clear, ask for what you want/need.

Don't give the kids orders--go physically help them, as they will imitate what we demonstrate.


meal planning
food shopping
ice skating
bread baking
floor scrubbing
play dough

Topie chores:
napkins at mealtimes
Tidy up playroom before dinner.


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