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OMG Topie has mono. I didn't even know the ped was testing for it! You'd think Topie would be less energetic and sleeping more, but no. Well, she HAS been sleeping in the car again, which I thought was a thing of the past. Poor little thing. It's likely we all have it. Maybe that's what I have been so tired. My thyroid test showed nothing out of the ordinary, so who knows. Jake is going in tomorrow to discuss the results of his cholesterol test. Yikes. I don't like to think of Jake having to worry about things like cholesterol or prostate health or ANYTHING. He's my invincible superhero ninja Jake.

We might actually be going in a good direction. The past two mornings have been amazing. Yesterday we all sat around reading Topie's new waldorfy story book, then we spontaneously found ourselves acting like a family--singing Old MacDonald of all things, while Topie threw in things like dinosaurs and monsters and snakes and bees and lions. Some farm. The rest of the day was so pleasant, and I've been reading The Creative Family and being so inspired, that I suggested we do our main family time in the mornings. For so long, Jake lingers at home in the morning, gets home 7-8:00, we're all tired and at each other's throats, and I generally hate it. But this way, we're all raring to go, at our best, in a good mood, and it's been fun. So this morning we got up and Jake and I talked for a few minutes before the kids woke up. Decided to do art this morning, all of us together. So he got coffee started, I got Topie up and she used her new egg beaters to make us all scrambled eggs (impressed Jake with her egg-cracking skills) and Jake cooked the eggs while I made beds and tidied up and made my to-do list and plan for the day. Then Topie set the table--her little table--and we all ate together while Philip crawled around watching us. Then Jake and I read to the kids from the Tiptoes book again. Then Jake had a shower, I got some more dishes washed, set up the art table, and then we did drawing together. And we were all happy, and I was thinking how incredibly blog-worthy all this was. Then we said goodbye and Jake went to work. Then I made some phone calls, put on a movie for the kids (I always had a rule about no TV in the morning--now it seems arbitrary and we're all much happier) and here I am on the computer. So far it's been really great and I am so hopeful that we're making long-lasting improvements. It's hard not to be enthusiastic when we're all getting along so well trying something completely different than what I've always pushed for.

Philip is a little explorer. He goes about his business, which is poking into every nook and cranny, and we cross paths once in a while. It's sickeningly adorable. I can't believe how much I'm loving this family life lately. With Topaz, I had no idea what to expect, it was all so new, I hadn't really adapted to being mommy instead of just me, and I was a nervous anxious wreck half the time. This time around, it's all so much fun, and we kind of know what developmental leaps are coming and we look forward to them. I totally understand the whole birth order concept so much better now that I'm on the parenting side of it. Of COURSE we are different with different kids. With Topaz, we were like, OMG you CRAWLED! WIth Philip, we're like, yeah, it's about time you got around to that! I mean, still exciting and worth applause and mention in the journal, but not the huge life-altering thing it was with Topaz.

RIght now I can't stop myself from thinking that life is really good. And I'm so excited about the holidays.

OH, and Topie's lead test was something like 3.5, where 10 is unacceptable. This is considered fine, but seriously, the idea of my kid having ANY lead is a bit upsetting.
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Daily Routine

Wake up
get dressed
breakfast-----eggs, toast, muffins, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, etc
playtime-------wash dishes, clean kitchen, shower
read books
errands----grocery shopping, other shopping, post office, etc.
activities----ice skating, park, playdate, discovery center, library, clayground, etc.
lunch---sandwiches, steamed veggies, fruit, muffins, pasta, leftovers, etc
naptime----knitting, online time, reading, watching movie, etc.
snack---fruit, muffin, cookie, nuts, raisins, pickle, yogurt, pretzels, crackers, bread and butter, raw veggies, avocado, banana, grapes, fruit bar, etc
outside play
art-------drawing, painting, clay, etc.
music------guitar, singing, instruments, etc.
cleaning-------one room a day
laundry-----at least one load a day
playtime------making dinner
Jake gets home
bath-----washing dishes
brush teeth
put on pajamas
read books
adult time

Go out 2-3 times a week for errands and activities.
Plan snacks for the week.
Plan meals for the week.

home school--
a letter
a number
day of the week
theme--incorporate into art, story, song, activities

maya abdominal self care
quiet time
clean one room
wash dishes
say something nice to jake
make dinner
practice guitar
drink lots of water
real playing with Topaz


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