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This weekend was actually great. Unbelievably productive, and aside from a brief screaming fit yesterday morning--which my family informed me was unacceptable and which I realized was true--the whole weekend was really enjoyable. I don't even remember specifically what we did. I know there was a family trip to the grocery store which went SHOCKINGLY well (usually when Jake comes with us it ends up being a disaster, something about stepping all over my territory or something), miscellaneous errands. Then yesterday I couldn't take the mess anymore so got a huge amount of it cleaned up, washed wool, Jake helped wring it all out, got laundry done, Jake made scratch pancakes (even ground the wheat for them--YUM) both days, I got the kitchen closer to ready for massive cookie baking, got the computer room a bit neater, moved a bunch of old pics off the old computer and onto the laptop, sorted through ALL the kids' clothes and pulled out al tagless stuff and things I didn't care for to begin with, and odds and ends all day long. Then we went to Clayground and Jake and the kids painted a coffee cup for Jake's dad's Christmas present. Then I sorted out Taylor's gift, then we came home and I made a really good dinner with more leftover turkey. Then I made homemade hot chocolate. And then the kids got baths, ear drops, and they were asleep at a reasonable enough hour. Exhausting! The best part, aside from the productivity, is that I realized again how much I sometimes let myself act as badly as my dad always did, and I don't want to do that. I made a lot of apologies to my family and started again. I will NOT let myself be the person in our house who makes living unbearable for everyone else. Just see how that ended up in MY family, and I don't want that to happen here.

So many projects going on today.

Just got a call from the dr--I don't have mono.

Anyway, projects. Topie is doing art stuff, Philip is examining every toy in the living room. I've made copies of a bunch of cookie recipes I want to make, so now I can return that stack of library books. Getting close to finished with Philip's little hooded jacket. Then I'll start on some legwarmers for Tope, then file a bunch of stuff floating around in here, then start wrapping presents so they're more organized. The one thing we didn't do this weekend was get a Christmas tree, so we're going to do that tonight, I HOPE. Then decorating the house, then we'll start on making the gingerbread house from scratch. Kitchen is still in need of some work before that, though. So much to do, why am I online??? I was going through the local food buying club catalog trying to decide if the prices are better than I get at the grocery store. Not sure yet. We want to get a lot of stuff in bulk to stock up for the next 6 months maybe. I think we're really serious about saving 50% of our income. But even if it's cheating, if we can get stocked up on a bunch of stuff in advance, that's just less we'll have to spend in the next few months. Anyway, it's always a good idea to have a surplus of stuff like soap and toothpaste and wheat and beans and rice. We have a bunch of stuff already, but I want to get a big shelf for the basement and keep all our stuff organized so we can see at a glance what we're running low on.

TRYING TO BE ORGANIZED!!! I feel like I've streamlined a lot of household stuff this past year, but there's always more to do. I want to not have to think about all these mundane details constantly--it's so much nicer to have a system in place that you just maintain. No more reinventing the wheel over and over.

So we're done with Christmas shopping except for Jake's sister, and we need to get a hold of her to get their official wish list.

I also want to call some of the local Christmas tree farms and see if they use pesticides/chemical fertilizers or anything. So much to think about. I would hate to not get a tree this year, but in order to not be a hypocrite, I would go without one than buy one full of poison that contributed to destroying the planet. ugh.


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