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Somehow it seems like I have a lot of lj friends who have had major breastfeeding issues and simply could not breastfeed. Ihave always wondered how that could be, if 50 years ago those babies would have just died, or wet nursed, or what. I have to wonder what it is about our modern world that makes it impossible for that many women to breastfeed. As for me, we all know what kind of hell breastfeeding was from the beginning all the way to the end. I am so dreading the thought of having to do it again. Ever again. It makes me want to die just thinking about it. But really, what is going on that a significant percentage of my not-that-huge friends page here truly could NOT breastfeed their babies?

I'm also wondering, why are so many women dealing with infertility now? Why are so many women having c-sections? Any casual observer would look at us and think women are broken.

I think overlooking the obvious factors is crazy. Do we really believe all the chemicals we're doused in on a daily basis have no effect on us? Do we think the pesticides et al in our food supply is just no big deal? Do we really honestly believe that nothing is being done to us?

I mean, yeah, we can factor in the whole Yay Feminism thing and write off a lot of it as women who feel they are above such things as breastfeeding, "try" and "fail". We can factor in the total lack of support a lot of us get from our society at large, and wonder why anyone would ever believe they COULD have a baby without it being cut out of them. To hear most doctors talk, pregnancy is like a potential death sentence.

I feel such frustration over this, and I know I haven't really organized these thoughts. Maybe I will someday.

I guess I'm really sick of living in a world that chooses to ignore the root causes of a problem, and find some band-aid solution instead. Often a solution which is extremely detrimental.

We live in a toxic world--toxic in so many ways. Toxic chemicals, toxic ideas, toxic rationales, toxic authority. How on earth are we really supposed to overcome that?
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The Case for the Virgin Gut
Even the Occasional Bottle of Formula Has Its Risks
By Ann Calandro, RNC, IBCLC
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