Mar. 26th, 2010

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New idea for a solution to a problem we've been having since day one in this apartment. Macy's has these beach towels for two (read: huge), so I called and have two on hold. One for under the dinner table (you'd know what I want it for if you could see the floor around Philip's chair), and one for moving around as needed to do art projects on. I first thought about getting a tablecloth from Mimi the Sardine, but those are way too expensive, and I think there's so much versatility with huge beach towels. Picnics? Beach? Huge spills that I am sure we'll have but I don't want to think about at the moment? So I feel good about that. Even though it is more buying of more stuff.

Also, Easter. I was thinking about ordering some stuff for the kids, but then I remembered we have all these awesome toy stores in town that I haven't been to yet, and it makes so much more sense to go check them out. I was thinking fun little stuff like marbles, and blocks, and drawing pads. I want us to start doing more nature walks/drawing our observations and talking about what we see. Topaz would love that, but of course Philip just doesn't care and would hinder the whole thing. Maybe I could include that in our weekends when we split up for a few hours and each take one of the kids on a special outing. We've all really enjoyed doing that.

Tomorrow we're going to the Better Living Expo. I am so excited about it. It seems like such a great opportunity to find a ton of like-minded people all in one place. Even though I know how I get in these kinds of things, overwhelmed and don't talk to anyone and then leave hating myself. But I'm going to try to engage people and gather info, and that means I need to prepare myself. First, a list of goals and questions for the event.

1. Where do people who build green homes build around here?
2. Straw bale houses in this climate? What alternatives do well here?
3. Compost strategies for apartment living?
4. Gardening strategies for apartment living?
5. Farms to pursue? Meat in particular.
6. Farms for the kids to visit?
7. Get a sense for what areas of town are most green, best suited to us and our goals.
8. Leave with realistic picture of what our life could be if we settled here.

It's a start. I'll be thinking tonight. I'll also be prepping Jake, who hates these things immensely. Need to get him excited about it and see the possibilities, even though he says he's too overwhelmed by work to be thinking about this stuff right now. But I want us to leave with a realistic picture of what our life could be like if we chose to settle here. Hey, that should go on my list.

Also, there's shopping. Lots of shopping. And food, and music, and kid activities. And people to talk to everywhere. I am going to probably come home with so much information and ideas that my head will be exploding, but I hope to have a really good post out of it.

Anyone do one of those Topsy Turvy Tomato things? I'm thinking it might be a great idea for our patio.


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